Raspberry Pi Weather Station

This year I started teaching the advanced technology class to high school students at NorthStar School where my son attends. I am using Raspberry Pi’s for a large portion of the class and I have taken quite a liking to the platform. As another side project, I decided to build a personal weather station for Weather Underground using a Raspberry Pi.

Instead of buying a complete weather station kit, which would probably actually be cheaper, I am putting together my own from individual components. To start, I am just measuring temperature and humidity. The sensor I chose is the AM2302 which I mounted inside of a solar radiation shield which is pretty much required to get a decently accurate reading in the Texas sun. I chose the SRS100LX from Ambient Weather.

Although I am not very experienced with the Python language I chose to use it for this project since it seems to be the way to go in the Raspberry Pi community and leveling up my Python skills is one of the reasons I am doing this project. The code is very much a work in progress and probably shows my inexperience with Python, but you can see it here.

The station is up and reporting to weather underground (most of the time) every ten minutes. You can see the data on the stations dashboard page.

Here are some photos of the hardware:



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