Historical data in GemPact.

Previously I posted about my entry in the 2014 Rails Rumble, GemPact. To summarize, GemPact calculates a score for every RubyGem based on how many other RubyGems include it as a dependency. I recently had some time to add historical data display to the app. This turned out to be incredibly easy using the ChartKick gem.

I went looking for some interesting graphs. The first one I found was this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.58.13 PM

As you can see, between December 18th and 25th, the number of gems using the mini-portile gem jumped from 8,602 to 14,854. Now the mini-portile gem is only used directly by 14 other gems, so the change must be upstream. I started to look at those 14 gems one at a time and fairly quickly found the one.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.09.47 PM

Nokogiri shows the same jump, this time from 8,616 to 15,312. I don’t think several thousand projects switched to nokogiri in the same week, so the root change is probably still upstream. Unfortunately since nokogiri is used by almost 4,000 other gems I cannot manually look through them to find the change, so my next project should be to create something that will allow me to search for things like this.

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