My 2014 Rails Rumble Entry

I decided to throw my hat into the ring this year at the 2014 Rails Rumble competition. I formed a team along with Troy Nichols and we built GemPact. GemPact is a service that pulls the RubyGems index into a Neo4j graph database so that gem dependencies can be reversed and you can find out what projects are using a gem. Counting up the projects that use a gem can give you a relative measure of how “important” a gem is to the community. The inspiration for the idea came from the practice of counting citations of an academic paper or journal by other papers, one such measure is the Impact Factor which also inspired the name GemPact.

The GemPact site we built produces a searchable index of  RubyGems showing which other gems use the gem your are looking at. The site also produces a GemPact Factor badge that can be placed on a project’s README or homepage showing it’s GemPact score.



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