Code Climate Badges

This post is the fourth in my series on GitHub Badges. Today I will be covering Code Climate Badges.

Another type of badge you may run into on GitHub looks something like this:


This badge shows the “Quality GPA” from Code Climate which is service providing hosted static analysis for Ruby and Javascript.  The grade is based on various code smells like complexity and duplication. The grade in the badge is for the overall codebase, but clicking through you can drill down to individual classes and files as well as see trends over time.

Like other services, code climate is free for OSS, but it’s a little hard to find the open source signup page. There really is no “signup”, you just enter the name of your GitHub repo and your email address and code climate will start analyzing the repo and send you a link to the results page and README badge links.

Code Climate for private repos is a pay service and provides some additional services like integration with TravisCI, Semaphore, or Solano for code coverage, and Pivotal Tracker, Lighthouse, or GitHub to track issues. Security analysis is also only available in the paid service.

Pricing, at the time of this writing, started at $24/month solo plan (1 user/1 repo). The most popular plan is the $99/month Team plan (5 users/5 repos).

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