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The first service I would like to cover in my series on codebase service badges is GemFury. GemFury is actually a provider of private package repositories for RubyGems, Python packages, and NPM packages. However, they provide a version badge service for packages hosted on public sites like free of charge.

If you visit you can search for you package in a number of public repositories and get a link to a badge image or better yet, a markdown snippet suitable for inclusion in your github README. For example, for the FOG gem, the following snippet is generated:

[![Gem Version](](

Which will include this badge image:

However, this is not a static image. Every time a new version of the gem is published, this image will be updated to reflect the latest version.

The GemFury version badge is certainly the simplest of the badges I will cover in this series, but its utility should not be underestimated. I have often been frustrated by having to dig into a site to figure out what is the latest released version of a library. If a site has a badge like this on the homepage, that information is prominent and maintained with zero effort on the part of the site owner.

Next up, TravisCI.

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